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Objectives of the program:

In September 1999, the Sainte-Agnès nursery/primary school, the La Madeleine middle school and the Sainte-Agnès high school joined forces in order to offer non-French speaking children, and their families a specific program adapted to their needs. This experience stems from a desire to give a pluri-cultural dimension to our educational programs.

Professional mobility is becoming increasingly common in Europe and in the rest of the world. Professional obligations sometimes require families to stay in France for a period of time between one and five years, which poses problems for children who know little, if any, French.
For several years already, our primary school has been helping non-French speaking children to adapt to academic life in France.

Integration program and pedagogy:

As soon as s/he arrives, the child will be placed in a class corresponding to his/her level of education.

Our program offers specific and individual help for each and every child to facilitate his or her integration: language courses, tutoring, explanations concerning teacher-pupil or pupil-pupil relationships, etc… We try to make this experience beneficial to all our students by encouraging cultural exchanges which draw upon the cultures of foreign students.